Friday, August 21, 2009

Sydney Opera

Sydney Opera House, located in the city of Sydney, State of New South Wales, Australia, is one of the most famous and distinctive buildings of the twentieth century. In 2007 declared a World Heritage site, was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon in 1957 and opened in 1973. In the building are made theater, ballet, opera or musical productions. It is headquarters of the company Opera Australia, the Sydney Theater Company and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Is administered by the Opera House Trust, a public body under the supervision of the New South Wales Ministry of Arts.

The Opera House of Sydney is a construction with an expressionist radically innovative design, comprising a large number of prefabricated shells, each one taken from the same hemisphere, which form the vaults of the structure. The Opera House covers 1.8 hectares (4.5 acres). It has 183 meters (605 feet) long and about 120 meters (388 feet) at its widest point. It is supported by 580 pillars sunk to a depth of 25 meters below sea level. Its power supply has a capacity equivalent to the power consumption

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