Friday, August 21, 2009

Hunza - The Land of Longevity

The Hunza valley was once in the media hype during the 1970's. People from all over the world wanted
to have a glimpse of the people of Hunza. What was so special about this place?
Well there are many many things. Here are the most important ones.
The people of Hunza are famous for their longevity. Even now you will find people of age 100+
though their numbers are reduced. The people who manage to cross 100 can still walk on their own.
The food and lifestyle of Hunza is the main constituent in making them a 100 years old.
Their hardworking lifestyle makes them hard as rock. They spend most of their time working in the fields. Men and women have no difference and share each others work.
Hunza water is world renowned as experts have taken sample from Hunza water and have said that it contains high concentration of minerals. May be it is true as all the water sources in Hunza and its surroundings are pure glaciers.
Food of Hunza has a very very special appeal , not just for the locals but also for the people who visit these areas. You may even find on the internet about foreigners about selling Hunza water and food!
About 98% of Hunza people are the followers of the Aga Khan and are known as Ismaili Muslims.
The people of Hunza have the highest literacy ratio than any other place in Pakistan. More than 90%.
Hunza itself places in a unique place. Surrounded by 5 peaks thare greater than 7000meters!
There are several tourist spots, day hikes, regular trekking routes, camping grounds and not mention hand-gliders fly over the Hunza valley. May be one can be lucky enough to get a lift from a hand-glider!
One more thing that is the hall mark and is simoultaneous with Hunza, is the700 years Baltit fort Baltit fort was the old palace of the Mir (Local ruler) who donated in to the Aga Khan Cultural Services.
After 6 years of hard work, it was restored. It gained so much international fame that in year 2000, it was awarded the British Airways "Tourism For Tomorrow" award.
Hunza and Baltit fort are still the most visited areas in Pakistan and around the world. 90% of the tourists visit Hunza.
Hunza is located at a wonderful 100kms from the admininstrative headquarters of northern areas of Pakistan. The part of Silk Route from Hunza and Gilgit is wonderful and is the most enjoyable part of ones journey along the silkroute starting from Islamabad.

So I hope this information is useful to you. Please let me know if you need to ask anything.

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